Sunday, February 03, 2019

It's Over

All nine stages of the Tour de #Zwift are now in the bag and it finished on one of my favourite courses, the Richmond UCI course. It was a much smaller field today than present during the main tour, riding two laps for 33k, 260m ascent. Despite the reduced number, circa 120, there was still some good group riding. In some ways it was more 'racey' - ooh, matron. Because it was a smaller field, I got to know who was riding with me and although the group changed as we caught and got caught, some of those riding with me at the start were still there at the end - not for want of trying to break them on the climbs at the end of the lap, mind. [winks to camera].

I think the three short, sharp undulations at the end of a mainly flat lap is part of the appeal for me. I can really push it into the red, knowing I don't have to hang on for long before hitting the flat and recovery.

And after the race - I mean ride - I treated myself to my one pot microwave macaroni cheese, now tweaked by soaking the pasta in the milk/water for a couple of hours before cooking! Yes, really!! Speeds up the microwaving and eliminates MBO - microwave boil over. Yum.

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