Saturday, February 02, 2019

Almost There...

That's stage 3 of the Tour de #Zwift complete. Just stage 5 to complete tomorrow and then it'll be tour completed.

It was a good ride. I was in a small group throughout, although the group grew as we worked well together to catch several groups on the road ahead. My personal best bit was leading it out to bridge a big gap. I was up around 350W for what seemed like an entirety and the gap didn't look to be coming down quickly enough for me to survive but then the rest of the group pulled in and together we closed it down. I then had a few minutes on the back, to recover from the effort.

Once recovered, we cracked on before reaching the climb to the finish. From there the group spread out as it became every man - and woman - for themselves. Although the finish was at the top, I couldn't resist riding the decent as a warm down.

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