Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Zwift Event

So today I tried one of the Zwift events. You click to join the event from the list and then well, I wasn't really sure what to do and I obviously didn't do it quite right as my 5k 'race' was only 4.7km when I crossed the finish line. I think next time I need to just start running as soon as the event start timer hits zero. I was expecting it to automatically trigger to the run screen and tell me to go but it didn't really go like that.

Anyway, I did get underway eventually and it was actually pretty focusing. Slightly weird, running in a virtual world, as we were, my fellow virtual runners and I, but focusing never the less. I managed to go past one runner to take the lead but then got overtaken myself, into the last kilometre. But it was good training as I kept inching the pace up to try and get back but my heart rate was on 172 by the end - a sign of my poor fitness levels - and I couldn't go any quicker.

I have to say the Zwift software has actually made treadmill running interesting. Watching the live stats. Seeing the affect of increasing the speed, on the route averages. Trying to cut the distance to the runner ahead - or keep it from the runner behind. Having a goal. Yeah, I could get into Zwift.

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