Saturday, February 06, 2016

Time To Get The Excuses In...

Firstly, no training yesterday on account of a family evening out - and there was absolutely no way I was hitting the gym when I got home at a few minutes to midnight.

Secondly, no, I didn't get out for a real run today - hello did you see the weather out there? And me a southern softy... Besides - excuse number three alert - when the rain is pouring that heavily I like to be home just in case I need to roll out the emergency sand bags - thankfully I didn't. The forecast looks better tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

Right, with the excuses out of the way, I turned my pent up energy to a full gym session. The highlight of which was a 2000m row PB - and boy did I ever go for it from the get go. I chose my pace and just went for it, maintaining 1:55/500m through the first 1000m but then I began to wobble as the pace slipped to 1:56 with a few strokes at 1:57. As I went through 1500m I put in my final effort and gave it everything I had left, taking the pace up to 1:52/53. I just managed to hold it together for 7 minutes and 39.8s.

It is a bloody good feeling to get back into the seven thirty's - even if only by the smallest of margins! The seconds begins with a 3 so that's good enough for me. I'm now within fifteen seconds of my PB of ten years ago and closing in...

I finished with an hour on the bike and then 25 minutes on the treadmill, gradually upping the pace throughout before finishing with a solid core workout. The spare tyre continues to deflate and I think the love handles are finally starting shrink although that's a bit subjective.

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