Saturday, February 27, 2016

So How Close To 47 Did I Get?

So, as planned, I ran the Flaxley loop to gauge how things are going and lay down a marker by which to monitor my improvement - if there is any... I went at it pretty hard and stayed focused on the job in hand. I worked hard on the ups and didn't ease off on the flat, eeking back some of the time lost to the climbs. My heart rate average was up at 160 so I know I didn't bottle it.

In the end I finished 3 minutes divergent from the hoped for 47 minute marker. I'm not too unhappy with that - seeing as it was 3 minutes divergent to the good. Yeah baby, 43:56. Much better than I was expecting at this early stage of the comeback. I finished off with 45 minutes on the bike. The training regime, it would seem, as week ten draws towards a close, is working....

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