Sunday, February 28, 2016

Following Yesterday's Good Run...

I nailed a 2000m row PB. Knocked a 'whopping' 1.8s off to take it down to 7:38 dead. I didn't set out to pb. I was really just after a solid one after yesterday's hard effort and in the first five hundred I could feel my legs lacking but somehow I was still managing 1:55/56 pace. So I thought what the heck and focused on consistent 1:55s through half distance. I was pulling really hard with the body, shoulders and arms to compensate for the distinct lack of leg power.

With five hundred to go I wasn't sure whether to cruise in for a good time or put the hammer down and go for something better. It wasn't long until I had my answer as I very quickly found myself picking it up. With four hundred to go I was finding it hard. Three hundred remaining and I thought I was going to fall off the perch. With two hundred to go I had absolutely had it - but then it was only two hundred to go. I summoned the power from within. Only forty five seconds more remained - but oh what a heart thumping forty five. Really pleased with 7:38. Only 13s from my ten year old all time best...

I finished with a bike session to bring down the curtain on week ten. I'm treating myself to an experimental sourdough pesto pizza - the experiment is incorporating the pesto - homemade but not kale based - into the dough instead of as a topping. So it might turn out to be a bit of an un-treat!

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