Saturday, June 20, 2015

Man Alive...

Coity, that's five. Five days, five runs and I'm feeling fine.

Initially I thought we were in for a wet one as the rain descended over the Blaenavon valley but just as the race got under way the rains left as quickly as they had arrived. I set off in the middle order and stayed there. I didn't feel powerful on the short, first climb. I didn't feel fast long the flatish road section. I then didn't feel strong on the longer, second climb before not feeling hugely quick across the top and down again before once again not feeling overly commanding on the last ascent. I did, just by way of a change, feel pretty sharp on the final descent... one out of six ain't bad.

Over all I'm reasonably happy with my run. Despite all of the above I think I was probably ahead of where I'd have been if I hadn't started my bid for fitness last Tuesday. I continue the assault on precinct fitness with another run of some description tomorrow, another on Monday and so and so forth...

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