Saturday, June 06, 2015

Finally Making Some Headway...

...with planning Novembers Trellech orienteering. It's been far from easy and I've really struggled to locate possible control sites. Half the time I've just plain failed to find what I was looking for. The other half I've been far from certain. Over the last couple of months, of the controls I have been happy with, I have finally been able to construct some semblance of the blue and green courses.

Today I tested out the slowly developing blue and over all I was pretty happy with it. There is definitely some work to do and I will need to double check all the control locations in relation to accuracy on the map but I feel much happier. Of course, I will need to run things up the official flag pole - whatever that might entail - and hope it gets a salute. Also, hopefully the map will get a bit of a spring clean after all the recent forestry destruction.

In all I covered just over 10km, flitting here and there, taking over 2 and a half hours! It was actually pretty good training though, despite the overall slow average pace. I did do quite a bit of running but equally quite a lot of slow walking, carefully checking things.

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