Monday, June 29, 2015

Legs Eleven...

Day fourteen has come and is on its way towards gone and run number eleven has been run. Another loop of the Hobbs Quarry to tonight to gauge how it's going and I'm happy to report it's another gain. Twenty one seconds tonight. That takes it to an overall improvement of 1 minute and 16s in two weeks. Pleased with that.

It's not really very long until the Saunders Mountain Marathon now so I need to balance further gains verses being rested. Tuesday might be my last run before the event or possibly Wednesday. I'd like to run the Tintern Trot on Thursday but I think that might be pushing the boundary.

These last two weeks have certainly improved my chances of not dying somewhere out in the wilderness of the Lake District on the weekend. I just need to start giving some thought to getting the kit together now...

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