Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I Could Feel Myself Waning...

As I drove home, I could feel my will power diminishing with every passing second. If I was to run it had to be at the moment of my arrival home. Any pause would result in certain failure - it was just as well I had pre-planned against my weakness. As I entered the house, there in front of me was my kit. All nicely laid out - read, dumped in a pile on the floor. I stripped. Donned the kit and headed out. My backup plan had worked.

It wasn't the greatest training - if, indeed, it qualifies to bear that title at all. I tried to put in a few efforts along the way but it was pretty pathetic. Despite feeling like I was going to bust a lung, I suspect the pace on those efforts was not much increased over that of my steady pace. Twenty five minutes but better than nothing.

So I never made it to proper training but I managed to defeat the evil of the comfy sofa this time. The empire of the comfy sofa is vast. Its reach immense and although I may not yet have won the war I claimed a small victory tonight.

For the moment, at least, I think my best shot at getting back into it properly is going to be to get out for a run the very instant I arrive home. To linger for but a moment may allow my inner weakness time to flourish. I can't let that happen if the evil empire of the comfy sofa is ever to be vanquished....

If I can get out there and do little and often, in time, I may find myself waxing more - um, that doesn't sound quite right - and waning less. Eventually leading to the full monty at club training on Tuesday and Thursdays - err, that's not sounding right either.

From tiny seeds mighty crabapple trees grow.....

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