Friday, August 15, 2014

Yesterday's Carneddau

It looked like being a really bad one. I arrived just gone midday and promptly started hammering it down. I watched a couple of brave souls - or should that be fools - setting out. Me? I climbed in the back of the van for a nap, hoping that the forecasters where going to get it right for once and that it would brighten through the afternoon.

Fortunately for me they got it right and by 2pm I was hitting the trail. It was far from warm on the ascent of Pen yr Ole Wen mainly on account of strong, cold winds but it was dry and I was happy with that.

The summit was in the clag but as I headed to Dafydd even that lifted. It was still bloody cold though. By the time I reached there the sun was out. I then headed to Llywellyn before taking the east descent back down to the A5 but not before tagging on the minor scramble up Helgi and a lovely, grassy run off.

The only minor disappointment was that last two mile slog along the road. It was always on the cards though. Today, provided conditions permit, I'm looking to head up the north ridge of Tryfan, across the Glyders and then make something up on the return to the van...

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