Friday, August 15, 2014

Almost Stuck Up A Mountain...

Twice, yes twice, I almost ended up stuck up a mountain. The weather was good - claggy on the tops - but otherwise good, so I braved the north ridge of Tryfan. I wasn't going for anything fancy just your bog standard north ridge.

For the main part there are fairly obvious paths to follow. Lots in fact. Once or twice they led me to the precipice, meaning a bit of back tracking. On a couple of the times the back tracking was not so easy - and I was reminded as to why I don't like heights - twas a long way down.....

In a couple of places there was no option to scramble. To say I was slow would've been an understatement and at one point I ended up attempting to be a contortionist but eventually I found myself on the summit of Tryfan. I think it's safe to say rock climb is not ever going to be my thing.

The southern descent wasn't as straightforward as it could've been on account of the low visibility but before long I found the col and made my way up to Glyder Fach. I managed a little bit of wandering on the flat summit, almost coming back round on myself before I decided I best get my compass out. After that it was an easy crossing to get to Glyder Fawr.

As I descended from Glyder Fawr the sun very threatened to break through the mist - but it was only a threat and in the end it didn't. Then I followed the gentle ascent to Y Garn before taking a new path - new to me, not an actual new path - back down to Lyn Ogwen following a north easterly path skirting the edge of Llyn Idwal.

Before long I was back to the van feeling thoroughly knackered. I didn't cover as much ground today as yesterday - and I took an hour longer to not cover it...

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