Saturday, August 30, 2014

Needn't Have Worried..

Because it turned out great. I was worried last weeks tomato chutney was going to taste of nothing but vinegar and be a total waste of those precious tomatoes, lovingly grown - okay, there wasn't any love just a watering can and water. The whole kitchen smelt of bloody vinegar for several days after I cooked it up but I needn't have worried. I just made myself a cheese and tomato chutney sandwich and it was lush. Possibly even falling into the category of gert lush. The chutney only went and tasted like proper flippin' chutney, didn't it! I reckon I could sell the stuff - if I had more than one jar, that is.

Anyway, onto things more running related. I had a little pootle over at Bracelands in the Chairman's Challenge score orienteering. I didn't go great. It wasn't a disaster - apart from one control that eluded me quite badly. It's been a while since my last orienteering and I feel I'm back into the map now. My heart wasn't fully in it though and with over ten minutes left I headed back. It was definitely good to get back into it before the proper events start.

And up tomorrow, of course, is the Four Fans Phantasmagorical Fell Race. I'm torn between wanting a nice dry day for a scenic potter in the mountains or for the clag to be right down with zero visibility and potentially a better placing in the race. Let the weather gods decide....

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