Monday, August 25, 2014

The Veg Preservation Society...

All that trooping yesterday must have taking in it out of me. Six hours in, how shall I say it, not the most comfortable attire was quite hard work. I was a bit dehydrated - to be fair, better that than the other, it wasn't like I could even cross my legs. I think that led to my rubbish nights sleep but I'm all sorted now.

So anyway, I've been busy in the kitchen. I did get out for a tiny short run but couldn't get into it. So, to the kitchen. I pickled my chillies - ooh, matron. Roasted my peppers - ssh, stop it - and preserved them in olive oil with chilli and garlic. I'm hoping that I will be left with some tasty chilli garlic oil after I've eaten the peppers.

Up then was the bake. A sesame seed sour-dough three plait. The dough had been on the go since Saturday morning! It was a good bake but my plaiting skill requires some honing. Finally, I finished the kitchen business with tomato chutney to use up a) some of the many tomatoes that decided to ripened all at the same time and b) the apples that were just on the turn. At the moment, as it simmers to thicken, it's smells a little too vinegary but I did follow Beryl's Let's Preserve It so I'm hopeful it'll come good in the end...

There was going to be a fifth item on the itinerary but I ran out of steam - well, a bloke can only spend so much time in the kitchen before he actually dissolves! I shall test out my vegan chorizo style sausage on another occasion. It's been interesting research it though and it'll be a mix of various ideas I've read about. Certainly won't have used quinoa before! I know it sounds like a stupid thing to attempt, after all, chorizo, like bacon is flippin lush but it ain't very healthy and I eat too much of it. I reckon a vegetable based alternative, hitting a few of the flavour notes but without the unhealthy elements might be a good thing.

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