Sunday, July 13, 2014

Two Down, Forgot About Tuesday, So One More To Go

So I had a good race today and timed myself somewhere in the ballpark of where I expected. Today's effort was possibly slightly improved on a time/ratio/cost-analysis basis - not sure of that last bit - when comparing yesterday and today with my efforts back in 2011.

The weekend's weather was far better than the forecast led us to believe with only the merest smattering of rain last night and absolutely nothing during either race. I won't grumble and say it was almost too sunny today - doh! It was a bit of a scorcher.

As to today's race. My quads felt sore before the start but not overly stiff. I set off mid pack with the intention of not getting carried away early on. That worked out okay as I was able to grind out most of the climb although I was reduced to a walk in the first, steeper section and a couple of other steep bits. For the most I was able to plod away, ever onwards and upwards.

I started to over take people as the summit of Fan-y-Big came into view so my plan of a steady start worked to some degree. The ridge run, as always, seemed to have more frequent and steeper undulations than memory would suggest but I held steady before picking up six places on the rough but gentle descent.

Three of those places I politely handed back once I reached the road section for the last mile and a half. My pace on the tarmac can only be described as pitiful, as three racing whippets came storming past - and a fourth, Nikki M, was trying her best to emulate them but fortunately for me, the finish arrived just soon enough.

I didn't wait around for the results, feeling somewhat discombobulated I decided it was home time. All in all, it's been a good way to while away a sunny weekend. I've even managed to catch some of that sun - didn't think to apply the sun-block, what with the iffy forecast. I might pay for that later when my shoulders feel on fire...

Up Tuesday is the LCL Road Race where I will be, once again, donning the blue and red for Chepstow - although, with my poor performance on the tarmac today, I'm not sure how much of a dent I will make in the score sheet but I'll try my best - as always I do, when I'm wearing the vest - nice.

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