Friday, July 11, 2014

Not One But Two...

Runs today! What the hell was I thinking? I ran five miles, on the road at a steady pace and then five more back, at a almost imperceptibly quicker pace. It was quicker but only by a couple of minutes so not a drastic increase but an increase never the less.

I'm all set for tomorrow's double. Okay, I'm not really. Haven't readied a thing but then I really only have to chuck some running kit in the van, fill the water tank, pack some grub and hit the ignition... As to whether I my ignition works, out there on the fell, is an entirely different matter. It's been three years since I last ran the Pen y Fan race, my time then was round about the 43 minute mark, with a descent time of 10-11 minutes. I'll use those to gauge things. Thirty one to the top?... One can dream.

I've got a couple of stop-over locations picked out so I won't have the an hour and a half drive there and back twice. Oh, that reminds me, add 'reading material' to the packing list. With the stop-over planned that can only mean that the Fan y Big race is go. Funnily, it's also been three years since I last ran that as well - who'd have thought? My time then was 1 hour and 32 minutes. To be honest I'll be happy if I can get inside an hour forty.

And if I survive that, I'll be in action Tuesday night on the pancake flat Caerleon LCL Road Race - four runs in five days, haven't been there for a while...

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