Thursday, July 03, 2014

Not An Unpleasant Trot

Not my finest but not a total disgrace all things considered. The things to consider, mainly my total lack of fitness and the absence of any proper training - in fact, the absence of any training at all.

My time was only a minute slower than last year. I feel quite positive really. If I can cover the ground like I did on the training I haven't done then I could actually be dangerous with even a little focus...

As to my race tonight, I think I ran it pretty optimally. I started mid-pack. Taking care to ease along the 2km flat section. That left me in good sted for the steady climb where I went, well, steadily. Strangely I got a stitch as I approached the top - work that out? I went well across the top before the mad downhill charge. I picked up places the entire way but got a stitch again on that downhill. I lost one place in the final 400m but as it was I was on the edge of being sick so there wasn't anything I could do.

Thanks to all the Chepstow Harriers out the marshalling and helping. Another well organised race. Top job.

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