Saturday, May 03, 2014

Grass Cut, Chores Done, Time For Master Baking

What a corker of a day. Too good to waste - even with a bad back. I made it to the Bixslade Orienteering midday. I didn't run fast but mostly navigated okay using my newly acquired skill of holding the map and compass in the same hand - revolutionary for a OS mapper. It works well though - not that ever doubted the wise words of wisdom I'd been given.

I had to make a few non-direct route choices on account of the ground being too rough to traverse with my dodgy back but I got round in one piece, if a somewhat slow piece at that. Still, it was good practice although I did struggle with those god damn platforms. My heart is beginning to sink a little when I see them listed amongst the controls.

I cocked 'em both up today, 8 and 12. Twelve was fair enough, I didn't have a decent attack point but I was able to correct myself from determining that the platform I'd got myself to was the lower of a couple marked close on the map and a quick compass adjustment got me there. It was eight that was the more annoying. I new exactly where I was on the map, exactly where I wanted to be and still took ages to spot the bloody thing. Ho hum, I think I might be getting a complex...

Anyway, with that complete I headed home for half an hour on the static bike to wind down. Then it was grass cutting time followed by a session on the vertical negative air pressure particle extractor - aka, the vacuum cleaner before finally prepping for a session in the kitchen. Let the master baking commence... and after that I've two days of absolutely nothing. I might think of something to do but then again, I might not.

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