Saturday, May 10, 2014

Almost A Disaster

Sense prevailed and I gave the Marlborough Downs a miss. To partly fill the void I ran the Parkend orienteering instead - and it almost ended in disaster....

I parked up a couple of miles away and jogged over to registration. I felt pretty good. The back feeling easy. First time in a while I've run relaxed, not having to keep the abs tense to support the back. But it wasn't to last.

After a brief bit of socialising at registration I set off on the blue. It wasn't really bad back running terrain but it was fun - up to the point I slipped and ricked my back again. From there it was slow going - that should read 'even slower going'.

I made a few mistakes today and on a few occasions it was literally 'the pits'. And don't mention my compass. It played up big style today and will not be being used again - probably finding its way to the trash.

It just wasn't stable. On more than a few occasions it led me a merry dance, showing me north only to move around and show me another north fifty metres later. The only way to get a totally reliable north was to stop, hold it as flat and steady as possible - not good when the clock is running.

Looking on the bright side. After the jog back to the car and an afternoon of baking, the back is feeling okay again so no harm done. Fingers crossed it's still all good tomorrow.

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