Monday, May 26, 2014

Finally Some Good Weather

Managed to get myself over to the heart of the forest for a proper run. Fed up with darting out for a quick 20-30 mins during a break in the rain.

I didn't take a map, just a compass. The plan was.. well I didn't have one. I just ran where the paths run free. Managed just over 15km in an hour and twenty. I didn't go fast, nor slow, just steady.

I stuck to the main tracks. Some I've run before, some I haven't. Met a man acting suspiciously pacing out from the depths of the forest.... - apparantly I was running in an embargoed area for an event in September - oops! Still, I was only running the tracks and he said not to worry - and I'm shit at orienteering anyway - not to mention slow... so no advantage gained.

So after a five day break it's back to the rock face tomorrow :-(

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