Friday, February 05, 2010

Who ate all the cake

It was Martin's birthday today and that meant cake, mmmmm, cake. To celebrate we ran the clockwise Dundry loop. Clive T was drooling at the sight of said cake but that's another story.

It was the first time I've witnessed someone get to the high point in under 16 minutes - no it wasn't me. Martin hit 15:50 and then followed through - I'll re-phrase that - finished in 30:35 for his fastest time yet. I hit the top in 16:06 which is my quickest of late and possibly my quickest ever but I didn't follow through - that's lucky - 31:26 for me, which although a few seconds slower, is still alright. I really faded on the way back home.

Then to insult the day there was a case of a suspected young fool driver running out of petrol on the M5. I say run out of fuel because he seemed to just drift to a halt in the single lane contra flow section. Cue forty five minutes of singing along to the radio - the little shite. All of which made the rest of the journey home a very happy affair.

At least I can legitimately put my feet up tomorrow ahead of the Sunday's race but it's been a shit weeks training - or rather, the lack of it.

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