Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tight again

I didn't feel up for the lunch run - luckily Martin persuaded me and off we went. It was the usual Dundry run in the Clockwise direction. Unlike last week we pushed the pace a bit. To the top of the hill we were in good shape and by the finish it wasn't our fastest but not too far off. I'm glad Martin twisted my arm.

As I sat at my desk in the afternoon I could feel my calves tighten - not really what I wanted. I decided to miss the track to avoid a repeat of last weeks debacle. Instead I put in 45 minutes on the bike - and you know what? the legs feel just as tight now as before the session. I was hoping to feel a bit looser - bummer.

So what's coming up? I'm planning my longest training run of the year on Saturday - 15 miles and then on Sunday it's off to Chepstow for another of their championship races. Now you might be thinking that 15 miles the day before isn't the greatest taper for a race but come on, it's cross country from pities sake? I mean, who finds cross country good fun? Not me, that's for damn sure - but it's one of my new clubs champ races so it'd be rude not to...

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