Saturday, February 27, 2010

Never say Noonstone again

It was a thoroughly knackering yet, uncannily slow run, at Noonstone, today, over the 9 mile course with 2,000 feet of ascent. The terrain was wet and boggy pretty much all the way. It wasn't what I would consider to be my favourite conditions.

I got off to a shit start, with four to five hundred runners to fit into the start pen they kept pushing us back from the start line - muggins 'ere, ended up near the flippin' back and it took me 36 seconds to cross the start line! Even then it was a couple minutes of slow running before things spread out enough to start picking my way through the slower runners. My race was pretty much over before it began.

Anyway, I plugged away and ran as hard an effort as I could in the snow and wet - did I mention, it snowed during the race, and there was plenty of snow and ice on the ground - my poor, cold feet. After a few boggy ups and downs I reached the first navigation check point in 238th - that was a little disappointing. I dug in across the top as I churned my way through the peaty wetness - at one point I sank almost to my waist and were it not for the few clumps of heather that I managed to grasp, it would have been a full body splash down - and I'm not talking wrestling.

Well I survived that little scare before making it across the finish line in 220th place. I was pleased to have gained those places but my poor old toes were frozen. An hour or two later, after frequenting the race HQ - aka the pub - all was right with the world and we headed home...

Helen was seventh in the women's race and although she's a little disappointed with her performance I know she'll pick it up for the next race...

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