Saturday, April 27, 2013

Well I Mucked That Up

That's what happens when you stop to answer a text when you're out for a run. As you do, I stopped the watch - you can guess what's coming - answered the text.... and yes, started running again without starting the watch - doh. Well that put an end to the Strava. What made it all the worse was that I went up to May Hill pretty strongly - truth. As I pushed the last little bit, starting to feel sick, I looked down at the watch. Eh, why's it show 1.5km? Should be close to 5km, ehh? Arrrrrgh, it ain't clocking. Bugger. I was feeling the buzz for once as I put in close to max effort on the climb. My thoughts filled with wondering how high up the leader board I would place. How big my VAM would be - ssh, no, stop it. And in the end I will never know. School boy error. Taking a positive from the debacle, I have no choice but to go run the route again - with the clock running next time.

Well despite mucking up the timing it was still a pretty good ten miles with an estimate of around 2,000 feet of ascent. The last three miles were flatish on the road so I could try and hold my form and push the pace. Apart from one un-runnable section of climb up an overgrown, disused public footpath, it was a pretty good new route to add to the arsenal.

All's left to do now is shower, comb the locks, don the DJ, head down to Bristol and then PARTY...