Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Fine Mess

I only went and totally forgot. The subject of the forgetfulness - or senior moment -I refer to is a family meal out in Bristol. Doh. I just drove straight home after work. A little while later I remembered where I was supposed to be. To be fair, I'd forgotten long before that. I was meant to chuck a change of clothes in the car before I headed out this morning. Had I remembered it wouldn't have done me much good because I couldn't gone out looking like a scabby tramp - or could I have?

Anyway, I'm finally going to get over to Storey Arms tomorrow for my Fan Fraith loop. Should be 24 miles and so long as I head out early I should have all day to bimble around. Quite looking forward to running across parts of the landscape that not many venture in to. Might even sit down for a spot of lunch amidst the acres of open nothingness.