Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And That's A Wrap

Pre-flight checks are in progress. The larder is stocked. The forecast looks as good as it can do at this range so it's looking good for launch sometime tomorrow evening and the 3 hour plus drive - boo. After that it'll just be a question of the running... To which, I have been busy planning and the schedule looks something like this....

Day 1, a recce to the north of Ogwen over a section of the Carnedds. I'll be aiming to head up to Pen yr Ole Wen over Carnedd Dafydd then to Yr Elen following the 3000s route, back to Carnedd Llewelyn and then over to Carnedd Gwenllian before cutting back and down to the west so it's not a complete out and back as that would just be too boring. In all I reckon it's about 23km with about 1,300m of ascent.

Day 1 (clockwise from Ogwen)

I've a much shorter route planned for Day 2 to give me a bit of recovery. This one is going to follow the 1000s route up to Glyder Fawr before following the 3000s route over and down Tryfan. I reckon it'll only be 8km but with 900m it certainly won't be a jog in the park. I will take my time though and note the features. It's not like I'll have anyway else to be. In fact I will need to take my time as I've saved the best till last.

Day 2 (anti-clockwise)

The final delight, day 3, is a trek up the pyg track, missing Snowdon and heading over Crib Goch to recce the 3000s descent down to the road. I'm not going to head all the way to Nant Peris as the route up to Elidir Fawr and round to Y Garn is pretty straight forward. Once down on the road it'll be back up to Gylder Fawr and Fach before heading back down once more. In all I reckon that one will be around 21km with an impressive 1,800m of ascent.

Day 3 (clockwise from Pen y Gwryd Hotel)

None of my recce's are going to be ultra massive in distance but I have a feeling I'm going to be more than tired enough all the same. At this stage it's about getting three decent training sessions. Taking a look at the lie of the land and not getting injured or too knackered such that I can't complete the three days. And if I do stick with the plan I will still have covered some 52km and 4,000m of ascent - or for those yearning for the return of Imperialism, that's 32 miles and 13,000 feet of ascent. Oh, I can feel my legs aching already...