Sunday, April 07, 2013

Finished Off Nicely

Yep, that is me well and truly f@(%ed. My legs no longer function. My lungs are destroyed and I'm still making much mucus. If there was a use for mucus I'd be a millionaire....

Really enjoyed the race despite finishing in, what I think heard called out was, 59th place - boo - in just over one hour and twenty minutes - boo boo. That's a long way down from the heady 17th place in 1:07 during my hay day. I know like to consider that I have moved into my silage days.

I set off miles back in the field. I wasn't too worried about the race really. My legs were feeling it from yesterday and my coughing and snotting was only marginally improved. No, today it was all about giving the legs another tough 10 miles. Had I been at home to go out for a recovery run I probably wouldn't have and even if I had actually shifted my butt from the sofa then it wouldn't have been anywhere near the pace of today's race. Happy to have got in a combined twenty five miles of pretty solid running with a total ascent of around 5,000 feet over the two days. Think I shall be resting tomorrow.

Well done to Niki for following up Lou's thrashing yesterday with an equally brutal battering today. She finished 2nd woman overall and almost certainly first in her age category - unless the winner has found the formula of eternal youth - in which case can she forward me the secret...

Finally, well done to Cirencester AC for a meticulously well organised race. There were marshals aplenty and signage on every twist and turn. Thanks.

Today's Chedworth Roman Trail 10 mile multi-terrain race.

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