Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That's The 15 Hour Hour Day Booked For Monday

Hoping it'll be more boring than troublesome as we steer the good ship(ton) Moyne towards uninterrupted customer supply. All we need is a tall ship and star to steer her by...Think I'll deserve a day off to run in the mountains after that.

Hoping to get in a bloody good run Saturday. I've booked good weather so if it rains I will be most unhappy. Aiming to get in a steady 25 miles in the central or western Black Mountains. I feel I need the distance - however long it takes. Soaking up the glorious spring sunshine - a man can dream! Up Sunday will be Chepstow Harrier's Offa's Orra - bloody good race, run it or miss out on a cracker. I intend to run like a sack of poo but hopefully avoid last place.

Anyway, I feel knackered. Need a good night's sleep without the bloody cat bringing in any more mice. She was out about five minutes last night and bam, a flipping mouse delivered to the bedroom and deposited under the bed for me to crawl around on my hands and knees rescuing. Then she squeaked for ages because I'd spoilt the fun. Grrrrrh.