Saturday, April 06, 2013

Cracking Weather and Fantastic Views

...Just really rubbish racing - not unexpected though. I just couldn't ascend. The moment I hit any sort of climb I just couldn't metabolise the oxygen quickly enough to power my legs. I was okay on the flat and downhill and was able to get some decent speed so long as I didn't try and get too ambitious with it. It was just the climbs - and they near finished my off.

I reckon that was probably the best day of the year so far. Even have a few tan lines to show for my efforts. There was no wind and the temperatures on the summits of Crug Mawr, Sugar Loaf and Blorenge were unexpectedly mild. That's not to say they weren't caked in snow because they were. The underfoot conditions towards the summits and on the tops were tricky to say the least. Oh, and energy sapping. You really had to stamp in your feet to ascend to the tops to prevent slipping and that ate into the energy supplies - not that I ran out because I wasn't really using it up as quickly as normal. That said had I not been running at poorly 35% of available capacity I'd have still been miles slower than last year because it was just so hard going. I suspect the results will confirm that by the lead times being slower than normal. And despite almost snapping my leg on the final crossing of Blorenge were my foot landed on some soft snow and sunk in up to my knee and having a massive coughing fit at the finish - with accompanying mucous - nice - I thoroughly bloody enjoyed half killing myself. Great fun.

Well done to Lou whom gave Matthew and I a thorough thrashing - ooh matron. Suffice to say, Matthew gave me a mild slapping as we both slipped the wrong side of three hours - ouch, that hurt to say that...

Today's Llanbedr to Blaenafon race.

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