Friday, June 13, 2008

Short putt

Considering my lack of practice I managed to play remarkably well. I drove like a demon, ironed like Corby (that's a trouser press for the uninitiated) and putted - like an arse. I even chipped like a wizard but when all is said and done it's the putting that counts. I missed just a few too many easily makable putts - and that's just plain wrong. Anyway, it was a very pleasant afternoon and I think we finished in sixth place so that wasn't too bad and believe it or not, I did contribute to the team score on a good number of occasions.

Now I'm off to pack my gear for the Castles. I've a 3:45am start - something not for the feint hearted. The drive up to Caernafon is pleasant enough - and early enough not to hit any traffic. Then I've got to get my head down early - I need sleep...

Thought for the day: There is absolutely no substitute for a genuine lack of preparation!