Sunday, June 15, 2008


As of the last score update I was privvy to, we had moved up to 5th place. Hang on, we were already in fifth place. Fair enough, although still holding onto our fifth place we had actually gained some ground on those ahead. After day one we were 2 hours back but to the point I saw, which was leg 12 or 13, we were only 87 minutes behind. Much of those gained minutes were down to Terry T claiming a storming run on Leg 11. Clive 'Oh this is just terrible, it's all going wrong' Tucker also must have had a decent run - although he'd never admit it.

Best thrill of the day had to be Dave Gapper being only very narrowly out sprinted by - wait for it, wait for it - Sonia O'Sulivan - yes, the real Sonia O'Sulivan. Quite what she was doing running the castles I don't know, but it sparked a bit of a buzz. And I can tell you, she has a quick turn of speed. She reeled Dave in over the last couple of miles before kicking clear in the last 100m. Dave tried gamely to respond but the International class of Sonia told in the end. Have to say she was really very nice, I have a pic of Dave and Sonia at the finish which I will post shortly.

Then it was more logistics for me, taking Mark D down to Brecon for leg 16 before heading to the start of leg 17 to collect some car keys from Bruce W. The last I saw of the race was Bruce having a cracker - he'd done five hours tri-athlon training yesterday and an hours swim this morning but he still seemed to be in the top few. Not sure exactly where but I reckon it was well inside the top ten - beauty.

Anyway, I am now officially pooped and my left hamstring has tightened up - and I didn't even run! All this sitting around on your bum is no good for you. Will have to do a bit of running - but not today...

Thought for the day: A truly wise man never plays leap frog with a unicorn...