Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well I completely failed to get any training done today. After a no show yesterday because of the leg I really wanted a good solid 75 minute run but after a long session - at work - and then a meeting afterwards it was half nine by the time I got home - and that's just too late. I am going to the track tomorrow - and that's a promise.

The final results of the welsh jury are now in and the team was 5th. We were pretty much 5th the entire race but we all had some fun along the way. Maybe next year, if there is a next year, well, of course, there's going to be a next year but what I mean is that if we enter a team in the castles next year, with luck, we might get some support from a few more of our finer veteran athletes - that's not to do down any of those fine young men that ran this year but if we could only swell the ranks with a few of our top performers then we really could give the Wirral a run for their money instead of entering the list of also rans.

Thought for the day: According to recent surveys, 51% of the people are always in the majority.