Saturday, June 07, 2008

Lovely day out

We managed to raise eleven athletes for the B team match - no mean feat when you have to travel all the way up to Mansfield. It was a far cry from the last match, where due to an under strength A team, we were left too few to make the journey to Nottingham worthwhile. Still, we'll not dwell on that.

I wasn't sure before the start what events I would be competing in - not that I really compete that well on the field - nor, in fact, that well on the track but I try and that's the main thing. It really was a very enjoyable day - I think we all had a good day.

First up for me was the hammer - not my greatest event - ok, I'm absolute bollocks at it but in reality it's just a case that someone has to look like a tit to score a few points and it might as well be someone who doesn't give a damn - that would be me then.

Next up, the 400m Hurdles - my specialty event - not, but I do enjoy it. Sean is much faster but he was focusing on the 800 and 1500 - claiming a pb in the former (2:06). Not sure how he fared in the latter but he seemed to be going well before I got distracted and missed the finish. Oh, and after tacking it pretty steady I claimed third spot and a new pb in 71.9 - an improvement of five tenths - nice work.

Then it was onto the 3k Steeple Chase and a relaxed, easy flowing performance saw me claim another pb - although I didn't realise it at the time but on checking the records I beat my previous time by 21s down to 12:06 [grimaces to camera] - moving on quickly... Oh, that was second place by the way.

Up next was the Javelin or was in the 400m flat? I can't remember but the Javelin was pretty forgettable, only managing a feeble 28 something and 6th place. Rick was also 6th in the B string. The 400m flat was better though, much better in fact. I took it out steady before piling it on down the finish straight - using the afterburners to good effect. I clocked - wait for it - 61.7s - another pb and improving my previous by 1.7s - nice work but the sad fact is that I wasn't flat out so there is more to come. Maybe someday soon I will go sub 60?

Finally we moved into the relay phase. The lads in the 4 x 100 did well. It was an exciting race and I thought they might just sneak 3rd but 4th was good. Then it was on to my last race and the last of the day, the 4 x 400m. Up first was Sean, running a strong leg to put us in third in a time of 57. He handed to me and I sped off in pursuit of third. I made gains down the back straight before some git came past at the half way point pushing me down to fourth. I wasn't having any of that tom-foolery and after tracking him round the bend - stop it - I turned up the turbo boost in the home straight to move back into third and much closer to second - topper, 62s. I handed to Jerry who got the baton round to Pete Skinner for the final leg - they didn't have the cleanest change over - I think they stopped for a chat or something but finally Pete got under way and we finished in 4th place - I think. Have to wait for the official result of that one.

So there it is, a very enjoyable day with a few pbs along the way. Oh and I must mention the pole vault boys, Steve and Luke taking first place in the A and B strings with Luke claiming a pb to clear 3.40.

Now I'm off to bed to recover in time for the Long Ashton 10k tomorrow...

Thought for the day: Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it.