Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bloody hell

I managed to get out for that long run. It was all going well until I run out of steam - which was unfortunately bloody miles from home. Both Helen and Brown Dog left me for dead. By the time I got home they'd time to cook the lunch, read the Sunday paper and clean the house from top to bottom (well, Mrs B didn't actually do any of that but she would have if she hand hands - and wasn't a canine).

With about 5k to go I was beginning to bonk. My pace dropped to a crawl and all I wanted was for the pain to stop. At the finish I was out on my feet - and very near death (not really) but I ran the entire way, covering about 28k in a rather pathetic 2 hours 25 minutes - pitiful, really pitiful.

Anyway, it was good to do a long run. I'm probably going to feel wrecked tomorrow - hang on, I feel wrecked now but I reckon I'm going to feel even more wrecked tomorrow. So I'm almost one hundred ten percent sure I'm not going to be fit for training tomorrow but we'll see...