Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now for a rest

After two races back to back I very nearly went training tonight - don't worry yourselves and go calling the doctor though - I didn't. I decided it would be better to have a rest day then get up nice and early for a run before work tomorrow morning - we'll see how good an idea that was in the morning. If I can get out the door then I think I've broken the back of this training lark - ok, not exactly broken the back but maybe added a couple of bruises - and bruises you can see without the aid of expert medical knowledge. I'm not talking big purple ones, just you standard dullish, darkening of the skin ones. But if I can't? Nope, let's not go there.

Anyway, I'm away on the weekend again. Up Yorkshire way to watch the Blackstone Edge fell race on Saturday. Fingers crossed H goes well - I know she can do the business. And then on Sunday she's dragging me out for a long run. As I see it there are only two things that can go wrong with that plan a) it kills me or b) I'm too slow and she kills me...

You Know You're Stressed Out When: You keep yelling "STOP TOUCHING ME!" even though you're the only one in the room.