Saturday, June 21, 2008

More pooped...

but this time at least I actually did some running - or, more correctly, some racing. I've missed a couple of days blogging because I was out of range but I've had a bloody good time. Me thinks it's time to come up with a seriously stupid race schedule.

So, first up was Friday's Wizzy Wizz - it was called something like that anyway - all the way up in West Yorkshire. I had a thoroughly bloody good race. Considering my training - or lack of it - I should have been a long way down the field of 81. At the finish I was 12th! And what's more, I think I've got my downhill mojo back - or at least it's on it's way back because I had a right battle with a couple of runners and burnt them both off - nice.

Even though the race was a sprint of 3 miles and 1,000 feet my legs were pretty worn but next up was this mornings - well, I don't actually know what it was called - but it was 7 miles with the route being given out at registration. With no local knowledge and worsening conditions I knew I would be running blind - and stupid.

I started off well. At checkpoint point four I was in tenth - according to my personal race supporter - and going well. Then it went tits up. I took a good route from four but after checkpoint five and with probably only about 500m to the sixth and final checkpoint, me a group of about four others went off piste. We added about an extra mile and ended up running up from the finish to check point six and back down again - doh. On the funny side a load of others followed us including the first lady - no, not Mrs Bush - who unfortunately ended up not being the first lady - sorry. I ended up finishing in 24th place but I still had a smile on my face. I was soaked through, legs bust and given away 14 places but I had raced twice in a row and it felt great...

Thought for the day: Running two races back to back when you're not training muchis a recipe to be knackered - but I looooovvvvved it!