Saturday, October 28, 2023

Caught a Cold

I knew something was up last weekend. My 'body battery'* was showing a distinct lack of recharge after a night's sleep. The sleep itself was pretty sound but I felt tired. That went on for a few days before Tuesday and I awoke - again, the body battery wasn't recharging as it should - to a sore throat. That explained things. My first cold for almost two years.

I think I'm over it now as my battery was more recharged this morning, so I headed out for a decent run in the forest followed by an easy 30minute cool down on the bike. Despite the cold and feeling a bit tired, I did put in some solid training through the week with a better-than-expected work lunch 5k from the office on Wednesday - setting a new course pb by over 90s. Monday, I ran a some of 800 reps at a decent pace and in between those there was some solid Zwifting on the bike.

Looking forward to a few weeks of uninterrupted training....

* The Garmin watch stat.

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