Sunday, March 14, 2021

A Slightly Off Week

But finally, back to full capacity. Had a very long work day on Tuesday, through the night to Wednesday and then, after a couple of hours off, a full day's training on Wednesday via the teams - had to put my hands up to having nodded off for a few minutes in the final hour, before being woken by my colleagues. That, I have to say, left me discombobulated for the following few days. It was only really by yesterday that I was feeling back to 'normal'. Definitely getting too old for that shit.....

Normal training should resume Monday. The main target for the week is Wednesday's Duathlon. Beyond that I've yet to fill in the schedule. There will definitely be continued use of my new 'toy' - ooh, matron - to add some upper body work to my routine. VR boxing - and by god is it hard work. Twenty minutes and my arms and shoulders are gone. Hopefully, I will see the benefit from a regular workout and be able to increase the duration over time.

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