Sunday, November 22, 2020

Out for a MapRun

or MapWalk in my case. With the forecast looking decent for today, I decided yesterday night to have a go at the Ruspidge green course today. I did look at the blue course which I loaded up on the phone but decided the green would be better - except I forgot to load it. So today, after I started, I suddenly realised I hadn't loaded the green and still had the blue map loaded. I was following the green with my compass so that wasn't going to do me much good. Luckily, I didn't get far before I remembered and second lucky, I was in a good reception area, so I was able to abort, go back to the start, download the green map instead.

With that almost cockup avoided I headed out and slowly, very slowly and made my way around the course. It was muddy and slippery in places, rough in others but I just wanted a day out so I took my time and pootled along. It was nice to be out there.

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