Monday, November 09, 2020

Hilarious Cockup

So I liked the look of the Zwift Tri-Academy workout number three. Billed as being Long Course Race Simulation, it was meant to be a fifty minute session, consisting of three sets of differing duration sections, starting short and fast and reducing the pace while increasing the duration without any break - until the end of the rep. Each set was meant to be an effort of ten minutes.

As it turned out the programmers of Zwift had programmed it in a factor of ten on the lean side. The ten minute effort became a sixty second not a lot of effort and the whole things was over in 5 minutes - including the warm up and cool down. Wasn't a total waste though as laughing is supposed to be good for you and I couldn't stop laughing for the entire session - yes, the full 5 minutes. It just tickled me - but then I am a bit weird... After that I restarted things for a ramped 2 miler as my heart was no longer in it. Hopefully they will sort out the mistake as I still fancy doing the session.

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