Sunday, January 13, 2019

I'm Back!

Yes, my first race in a long, long time is complete. The 5k, 300m ascent of the Mynydd Llangorse fell race and all the old racing feelings came flooding back. So I wasn't near the front - but I was far enough from the back that I was happy. Once the race was under way and after the initial argy-bargy was over, the race positions settled down and I began to start plotting when to work hard and when to ease back in order to keep ahead of the runner behind and capture the place ahead. It didn't matter that I was way back in the field. The important bit was beating the runner ahead... and then the next... and the next...

As expected I was bloody rubbish on the up. But I knew that would be the case and so I put in some effort along the first flat section before the main climb in order to gain a few places. Things were all pretty steady during the up and then came the down. I was nowhere near as reckless as once I could be but I still managed to pick up half a dozen places on the decent. I'll take that as a beginner!

So that's it. I'm back. Bring on the next one...

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