Saturday, July 09, 2016

Well That Didn't Go As Well As I'd Hoped

Bit of a disappointing performance in the Pen-y-Fan race really. Conditions were pretty much as expected - wet, windy and miserable. The summit was well and truly in the mist - as was most of the mountain below the summit.

I set off okay but really struggled on the first section of climb. I felt okay on the ridge bit but didn't feel strong on the last bit of the climb to Corn Du. From there it was only a couple of minutes over to Pen-y-Fan. Then came the disappointing bit.

I'm normally good on the descent but I struggled today. I had to take my glasses off due to the rain and wasn't able to 'spot' my footing on the way down. I stumbled a few times at the top of the descent and lost my nerve a bit. I was just struggling with my footing and lost heart for it. I just went through the motions from there to get to the finish.

Hopefully, I will go a bit better tomorrow at Fan y Big...

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