Thursday, July 07, 2016

So, After Two Years...

I've finally found the reason my strawberry plants have been producing tiny berries that just will not grow bigger than about a centimetre diameter. Yes, I checked back on the original seed order of three years ago and discovered that I've only gone and flippin' planted wild strawberries. That's Fragaria vesca to you! One centimetre is as big as they get - doh!!!

They've been so small I've never bothered to pick them. After my session on the bike and core work I decided to go put that mistake to rights. Turns out they are a very different taste to 'normal' strawberries. And by different I don't mean unpleasant. In fact they pack way more flavour punch than the ordinary ones. Kind of reminds me of bubblegum sweets. On the downside there's much picking for not much eating but the taste is worth it.

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