Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Well I'm Glad I Took The Day Off Work For That...

The forecast said scattered light showers and some strong gusts - which, to be fair, there were. What the forecast omitted to mention was that, between those light showers and gusts, there would be constant, driving rain and gale force winds. Up on top the rain stung the face like being shot by a paint gun. Pleasant it was not and in the end, conditions defeated us as we beat retreat from the hill via the forest track running below the final ridge.

So in the end our full Brecon Beacons recce turned out to be not quite the full monty. By the finish, wet through - hands wrinkled like I'd been in the bath too long - we'd clock up around 30km with 1350m of ascent. So despite everything it was still decent training. Just wish it could have been drier training.

Oh, and for the record, if the forecast on the day of the race is for scattered light showers then you can count me out because I'm not going through that again...  

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