Saturday, August 01, 2015

Show Time....

The Llanthony Show that is. I've never been before - and never will again.... Just kidding. I really enjoyed the relatively uncomplex fell race. A pootle up to the Offa's Dyke ridge. A pootle along the ridge. And a pootle back down to the showground. I had a reasonable run. True, I was pants on the way up. Wasn't too bad along the ridge and then came into my own on the descent. Relatively rough, stoney technical followed by rutted, break your ankle fields. Mint. I do like a race with a good finish. It was once at the finish I was verbally abused - by Vanessa. The implication of me finishing not far behind Matthew wasn't that I had had a good run, more that he had run like a one legged donkey - and despite protestations that she didn't mean that, the hole that was being dug just kept getting deeper... ;-) And I can't finish without mention of the great Show announcer man, the man on the microphone, the host with the most - okay, I'll stop now. He gave a great commentary on all of the days events - although he didn't mention Dennis' rosette in the dog show.

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