Friday, August 14, 2015

Looks Like The Beacons Are Go..

I'm finally beginning to believe the forecast for tomorrow. As the rain washed in this morning I thought I'd be giving tomorrow a miss - not actually the day that will be tomorrow, obviously, but the race that takes place on the day that will be tomorrow. The Brecon Beacons Fell Race looks to be a goer - because I sure as heck wasn't going if it was as wet as the recce. I reckon it should be close to ideal - apart from the lack of some mist (dryish mist not wet stuff) to help the slower navigators amongst us...

My target time (that I'm not going to achieve) is my time from 2010 - has it really been five years since I last ran the Brecon Beacons? - 3hr 37mins. Come what may, it will be good to finally race it anti-clockwise...

PS 'race' in the loosest possibly sense.

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