Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ssshh, Don't Tell On Me...

I found myself driving to Cwmdu with a few others this morning and wouldn't you know, there was this fell race taking place. I'd completely forgotten about it - honest ;-) I was just going to take a leisurely walk in the sunshine but as I was there and there was this fell race going...

I had an okay run. I ascended a bit rubbish, descended pretty sprightly and ran the plateaus like someone who can't run for toffee - and where does that phrase come from? I was on the edge of cramp - sounds like title for a follow up to the film Run Fatboy Run - on the flat section from Mynydd Troed summit and then again across Pen Tir. I was okay was onto the steeper stuff.

Need to do some carb loading tonight to refuel for tomorrow Rack Raid Relay leg 2. Need to be over to Skenfrith fighting fit for the 8:05am start. Quite looking forward to it. Should be a nice 6-7 mile pootle ;-)

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