Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fit or Bust...

Well I'm either going to be a little fitter after these last two days or broken. My legs felt Okay and I'd had a good night's sleep. I say my legs felt Okay because they sure as heck don't feel like that now. I feel as though someone's set about them with a bat - and no, that wasn't my team mates.

I had a pretty good run but faded a little on the final climb. Despite only being 7miles, leg 2 of the Rack Raid Relay manages to pack in about 1000 feet of ascent. Hopefully my time wasn't too terrible so I won't get beaten up.

When I did finally make it to the finish I slightly regretted not making some arrangements to get back to the car. My plan of jogging back down the course to Skenfrith did not seem anything like what could be considered a good plan. I did manage it though, if somewhat more slowly...

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