Sunday, May 17, 2015

And Relax...

Flipping heck, I'm knackered even though I didn't exactly clock up significant mileage - except for the drive there and back in the van. It was a good mini break though. The weather wasn't brilliant but it's always considered a win if you get home dry. The tops were in the mist both days and the winds strong and cold. During the occasional lull it was actually quite pleasant. Hopefully I can get back up there later in the year and get some proper sunny views.

Yesterday I ran a loop of the carneddau. It almost got competitive when I espied a runner in the far distance while heading off Llewelyn towards Dafydd and eventually Pen yr Ole Wen. I closed much of the distance down. It was nice finishing down off Pen yr Ole Wen directly back to the van without a slog along the flat.

Today I attempted to traverse Tryfan by the Heather Terrace. I say attempted as I didn't locate it directly from the start. I took a good look at it from the ground yesterday afternoon but still getting onto it alluded me. After some faffing along a much higher track and it's many scrambles past gullies I eventually spotted the proper path. After a ten metre climb down the going became much easier but my legs were shot after yesterday's effort so I ended up doing a shorter loop than I had intended. Definitely need to get over to the Brecons between now and July at ever opportunity otherwise Neil is going to be own his own running the Pillar Class...

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