Saturday, February 07, 2015

Almost Proper Training...

Okay, not really that proper but I did at least head out with a plan in mind. The aim was off road, undulating and steady for the first half and then onto the road and push the pace to the end. It went okay and I stuck to the plan - although the start was a little more steady than I was intending. I couldn't seem to get going. Maybe it was the cold wind getting into my old bones.

I was pleased with how I finished along Blaisdon and Velthouse Lanes. I managed to maintain a pretty constant, increased pace all the way to the end. An effort of around 6km. Although my fast pace isn't really very fast at all it felt good to push hard and maintain it.

Strangely, I've never run today's route before in all the years I've been here but that's mainly because I either go for an off-road run or a road run and never before gone for a run of two halves! In all I covered just shy of 10 miles. I'm going to try and pick out a path in the woods on May Hill to eek out the extra 300m to make it into a full ten miler.

Once I got back into the warm I finished off with 45 minutes static bike, medium effort and then a beautiful warm shower. Ahhhh, just the ticket.

Anyway, I have no races planned for tomorrow. I've missed the boat for the Dursley Dozen which is full and I would quite literally die if I attemped to run the Long Mynd Valleys fell race so it'll be more of the same tomorrow although I might delve deeper into the forest if I'm feeling brave....

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